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Patreon and Donations



Crowd funding is a way to help someone with expenses or project development through either donations or sponsorship. I have three separate accounts set up depending on what each person is comfortable with and give a brief explanation of each one.



Patreon is a sponsorship program for artists and creators. I have my account set up to be a monthly subscription fee and ranges from $3-$25 on three tiers. Tier 1 gives you access to my writing and additional podcasts related to when I worked in emergency services. Tier 2 gives you that plus original horror stories that are narrated. Tier 3 give you everything from both Tier 1&2 along with a pendant each month made by Liz Reeder.





GoFundMe is a traditional donation site. It is well recognized and has a good reputation. The downside is, it does not accept donations from PayPal.







I have added a PayPal donation button for those who are feeling generous and can help.




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