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51: The Beginning

Lindsay Gold has recently been fired from her deputy’s position at a small county sheriff’s department in the Missouri Ozarks. Just as her family has begun to recover, however, two members of the county commission show up at her door. It seems the previous sheriff has quit, and they want her for the job.

When Lindsay assumes control of the department, she soon finds herself dealing with an incident that occurs on the local military base. Even worse, she’s receiving calls regarding strange creatures and paranormal activities. Fortunately, she has the help of a federal agent who is in charge of the program that caused the problems. Unfortunately, that agent, Wren Gold, happens to be her husband, who never told her what his job really involved. Now the couple must work together in order to manage the strange events of the county. Lindsay had expected a normal sheriff’s job, but she could not have been more wrong.

In this science fiction novel, a woman accepts a job as a country sheriff and then encounters bizarre events courtesy of a military base and her federal agent husband.

51: The Beginning (Signed Copies)

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