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Hello! And welcome to the Tales From a Haunted Farm Podcast. My name is Liz Reeder, and I am doing my best to be an author while living on a haunted farm.

          I live with a bunch of crazy animals, including a horse that can get stuck in anything, chickens that think they are bats, plus, dogs, cats, ducks, another horse, and really anything that needs a home or wants to drop by.

          As if the animal chaos isn’t enough, I have ghosts. I have experienced shadow people, poltergeist activity, and even teleporting objects both inside and outside my house.

          With all of this activity, I'm sure you can understand why the writing doesn’t always go as planned, but it typically leads to some fun stories. Most of the stories I will be telling here are things I have experienced on my farm, or by others while they were here. I will throw in a few from before I moved to the haunted farm and things that have happened to my family.

          No matter what the story, I promise you will enjoy it, and the entire podcast will be family-friendly. That doesn’t mean it won’t be fun for the adults. It just means it will be safe for the kids.

Now sit back, and please join me for some Tales From a Haunted Farm!

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